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posted by admin on June 13th, 2010 at 12:04 PM


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INTENTION – PURPOSE: This posting is to provide you with a couple of healing techniques to balance the psychic energies in your body and spirit. The posting will mostly focus on healing/balancing techniques, but will describe a few problem areas to provide perspective; then close out with a simple technique called the Piezoelectric Tapping Exercise that can be used for cleansing the piezoelectric system. The Piezoelectric Tapping Exercise can also be used to obtain desired goals.

What are some indicators that you have an imbalance in your piezoelectric system?

Some of the indicators of an imbalance in your piezoelectric system are fatigue, sadness, and being clumsy; some...


INTENTION – PURPOSE: This posting is to provide you with a couple of healing techniques to balance the psychic energies in your body and spirit. The posting will mostly focus on healing/balancing techniques, but will describe a few problem areas to provide perspective; then close out with a simple technique called the Piezoelectric Tapping Exercise that can be used for cleansing the piezoelectric system. The Piezoelectric Tapping Exercise can also be used to obtain desired goals.

What are some indicators that you have an imbalance in your piezoelectric system?

Some of the indicators of an imbalance in your piezoelectric system are fatigue, sadness, and being clumsy; some people actually feel a slight tingling of the skin. Of course, tiredness, feelings of sadness, and clumsiness could be based on (a) having a really lousy job or marriage/relationship and your unconscious is just helping you find excuses to get out of that job or bad situation – these are not covered in this posting; (b) clinical depression and feeling of worthlessness – not covered in this posting; (c) an imbalance in your minerals, acids and other blood chemistry – you need a medical blood test to determine; or (d) an imbalance in your piezoelectric system.

And you can actually use the massage techniques in this posting as a preventive tool for all four of these areas.

Subtle Stage:  Just thinking about doing things makes you feel tired. This is subtle like many other processes in the body.  As a comparison, you can have a mild imbalance in a needed mineral – like potassium or magnesium, or in one of the several acids – like folic acid, and still be a functional human-being, employee and friend, etc.  But you will probably notice that even after a full day of work, other people are out playing games or doing yard work vigorously with zest and pleasure.  Because these small piezoelectric imbalances are so mild, you most likely will think it’s not worth going to a medical doctor for a checkup; so you push through and get things done.  Only it seems that work and other activities feel like punishments now and you used to just flow through the day.

A more serious stage of imbalance adds to your feelings of tiredness with a dose of sadness – but it is still something you can deal with by pushing yourself to do things that are necessary. You are slightly tired most of the time; but even the things that you enjoyed earlier in life seem to be an effort.   You may hear the voice in your head saying, “Oh, I’m getting older.” But the reality is that you are not that old; as the saying goes, “seventies is the new fifties.”  And, sometimes you might think it is depression.

In the next stage, you are downright exhausted, feel sad and seem to be really clumsy a lot of the time. By this stage you would be smart to go to a medical doctor to get tested and visit an acupuncturist for energy treatments. Clumsy is relative though! Everybody knocks something over sometime in the year and everybody drops something sometime every week.  However, increased clumsiness is an indicator if it is happening a lot more than in the past. The warning sign is: have you gotten significantly worse in the past year? Your hands have the greatest number of piezoelectric and touch sensors in your whole body and if you are getting constant excitement to your piezoelectric and touch sensors, it most likely will affect your clumsiness. Some people can actually see sparks come off their hands or various other parts of their body when getting to this stage of imbalance. 

HINT: Do not wait until you even feel the harsher stages of piezoelectric imbalance before you do something - you will be healthier and stronger if you start a regiment of preventive energy rebalancing treatments with the simple massage techniques described below.

WHICH HEALING TECHNIQUE IS BEST: Let me use a metaphor - sometimes we take a long-bubble bath with candles, a glass of wine and our favorite music. Sometimes we take a shower and thoroughly wash our hair. Sometimes we jump in the shower and avoid getting our hair wet as best we can. And then sometimes, we wash our hands and face and comb our hair – hoping we look presentable. Our allotment of time is sometimes tight, but a little pampering is better than none – a 15 minute back massage when you don’t have time for a 45 minute Reiki treatment; a 10 minute meditation can release a lot of the day’s tension, when a 45 minutes “attention-deficit-disorder” faux-meditation session can just add to your burdens. Or to stay with the metaphor, after 45 minutes, the long-bubble bath turns into a cold-shiver and you have shriveled hands, feet and a prune face.


There are many techniques for using energy for healing as the human body is made up of a number of systems that are complex and sophisticated in their functioning to maintain you in a healthy manner. If one of these systems gets out of whack (a high level medical-technical term) and throws another system out of whack, it makes your health less than optimal. One or two of these systems can be so out of whack that it can even push you to the brink of death or cause you to die.

A good maxim to remember…
The physician heals, nature makes well.
 This is to remind you that if you are feeling out of whack in a medical sense, you should visit your medical doctor!


This posting is to provide you with information about a healing technique dealing with the piezoelectric system. Piezoelectric means a very small electric charge – it is so small that if you compare it to static electricity (rubbing your socks across the rug and then touching someone, you give them a little shock-buzz), static is really a bigger jolt. An acupuncturist works to balance the piezoelectric energies in your body, but refers to the thousands of energy points they work with as meridians. Meridians are more like a road map of all these piezoelectric connections that cut across the body.  Another way of imagining it is if you were to take a lie-detector test, the piezoelectric activity in your body is one of the things they would measure – along with measuring muscle tension and sweating. Or if you get a brain-scan in the hospital, they are measuring a combination called electro-chemical activity.

Well for the most part you get the needed chemicals/vitamins/minerals from nature’s chemistry set, i.e., your water intake, food, breathing, sunlight, supplements, and as prescribed medications. You have a very sophisticated processing system in your body; that is, some organs extract or convert nature’s contributions into beneficial chemicals, vitamins, minerals, etc.; and some parts remove toxins. The piezoelectric system (meridians) for the most part is a self-contained system in your body. As stated, it is a very small electric charge that fires throughout your body and it is almost totally generated by your body. But there are numerous factors that can affect your piezoelectric system and here is some information on how you can use them or consider taking action.

Examples involving massage…

(1) massage – you get a massage by a skilled individual that will affect your electric charges for a period of time; the benefits of the best massage only lasts about three days before you need another massage.

(2) Reiki – without going into the details of Reiki – which is a form of channeled massage if done by a qualified practitioner – Reiki often brings about a long-term change in your piezoelectric system. The ethical practitioner will describe the series of treatments you need - after the first session.

(3) acupuncture – is highly dependent upon changing the flow of piezoelectric current in your body for the improvement of your health. Acupuncture nettle points are called meridians. Some treatments involve mild electric stimulation via the needles. Recommendation:  that they use disposable needles. Acupuncture is used for a lot of purposes; such as, pain relief, child birth, weight control, smoking cessation, etc.  If you decide to get acupuncture treatments, you should checkout the practitioner on the Internet; you should also check the Better Business Bureau, particularly looking at how long they have been in business in the local area. I would say, look at their credentials, but many acupuncturists’ credentials are from the Orient or some unfamiliar American Acupuncture Institute and it may be difficult to verify if it is a legitimate educational institution or a paper-mill (pay your money, get your certificate). 

NOTE: There are thousands of meridians in the human body and that is just one of the reasons to check on how-long they have been doing acupuncture – it is not something you learn in a six month program.

Acupuncture is still a controversial area with many doctors and surgeons, but the AMA and most health insurance companies have changed their views a little.   Acupuncture has been found to be more effective in dealing with back pain relief than 68% of surgeries.

(4) acupressure – is a form of massage that also uses the meridians – a lot of massage organizations teach acupressure. You will not get the same benefits from acupressure as you do from acupuncture, but it is less expensive, does not use needles, and may provide the solution to your particular problem.

Some “harmful” examples that can change your piezoelectric balance…

(5) lightning – hopefully, you will never get hit by lightning, as lightning is an example of one of the harmful things that changes your piezoelectric balance. Anything that gives you a significant jolt of electricity is harmful – significant means it leaves a burn mark on the part of your body that got zapped.   The stronger the hit, the more it can scramble your piezoelectric system and your brain.  Lightning jolts the individual so hard that they often crack their teeth and bones. The individual’s entire mental and emotional thinking is scrambled; and when their thoughts reassemble, it often leaves the individual desensitized to their family, friends, and co-workers. In other words, it scrambles the thinking patterns of their minds. It may take days or even weeks before they are fully functioning mentally – the individual may even find it hard to get dressed or eat without help because their nerves and piezoelectric system are not communicating very well.  To be honest, the statistics regarding lightning makes it very unlikely that you will get zapped – unless you play golf in thunder storms or work as a forest ranger or get under a tree to protect yourself from rain, but it does happen.   Also, individuals sometimes get a serious jolt of household current while doing repairs around the house.

(6) exposure to power lines – people who live or work under or beside power-line towers seem to have more health and memory problems than people that live or work just a block (100 feet) from the power-line towers. Obviously, they don’t get the big zap all at once; but over a few years of exposure, the same desensitized emotions to their family, friends and co-workers can develop.  They may also experience memory problems.

(7) cell phones – the possibility that cell-phones are harmful to you is both interesting and controversial. Some researchers show that using a cell-phone for two-hours each and every day will increase the likelihood of brain cancer, especially in children under the age of 13. The argument is that the cell-phone current is constantly interfering with your piezoelectric current.  There is a new study that was started in 2010 of cell-phone use over the life time of several thousand people to determine the impact on their health.

So what else can you do?

(8) meditationYou can use meditation to change your piezoelectric system.  One of the things you should always do in meditation is deep rhythmic breathing.  Imagine that your lungs are wind-mill-turbines and that with each breath you inhale and exhale you generate and distribute energy to your seven (7) major Chakra centers (http://www.thestudyofwhatif.com/healing.htm  for more information about Chakras) and all your meridians and, subsequently, rebalance your piezoelectric energy. This is a quick and unsophisticated approach, but it works for a quick fix.   If you have the time and the issues you are dealing with are particularly distracting, you can spend more time visualizing each Chakra in their primary color being energized by several deep rhythmic breaths.

(9) yoga – It is well known that a yoga session will stimulate the entire body and rebalance the energies throughout; this includes rebalancing the piezoelectric energies.  For example, when you perform the Lion posture - where you open your mouth wide and stick your tongue out while thrusting it downward - you will feel the stretch in the area above your upper lip, below your lip, and on both sides of your face as it stretches the muscles and releases tension in the jaw's vibers and nerves; and, of course, the tongue thrust can be felt down into your throat chakra. Every one of the yoga postures stretches muscles and releases tension in various parts of the body, while at the same time rebalances piezoelectric, muscular, and cardiovascular energies. Yoga is an all around healthy exercise program that can be modified to fit anyone's needs; one of the beauties of yoga is that an old man of 92 can participate next to a young girl of 13 because yoga is not a competitive endeavor - you do it to relax and improve your health not to compare your Sun Salutation to that of the 13 year old gymnast.

(10) Piezoelectric Tapping Exercise

As stated earlier, the piezoelectric tapping exercise’s main purpose is cleansing the piezoelectric system which can help you look younger and feel better.     Keep in mind too that the piezoelectric tapping exercise can also be used to help you obtain desired goals.   As in yoga, another benefit of the piezoelectric tapping exercise is that you do it for your personal benefit - not as a competition.

How does this exercise help you look younger and feel better?

Even if you did not have this as one of your goals to focus on, you will still get the benefit of looking younger and feeling better. The catch is that you need to repeat the exercise consistently – at night before going to bed or in the daytime while taking a shower or before going to get a professional massage. It is also something you want to do after an alternative health treatment, such as, chiropractic or acupuncture treatment. It is also something you may choose to do after strenuous exercise, but after you play for an hour – even if it is not a contact sport, e.g., tennis or swimming – spending two minutes with the piezoelectric tapping sequence is worth the time to release the built up of toxins and free-radicals.

Toxins and free-radicals: There are other potential health benefits that can be derived from the piezoelectric tapping exercise. Everybody (over the age of 12) starts to retain toxins and free-radicals in their body. As an example, if you eat beef and pork every week (say 4.2 pounds – that’s only six ounces a day) in five (5) years, you will retain five (5) pounds in your colon – rotting forever! You can, of course, take laxatives, enemas or get a series of colonic flushes done every year, but these are aggressive and harsh treatment of your body.  Metaphor: Have someone punch you in the nose every time you get a sinus blockage; if they hit you hard enough, it might open your sinus cavity with a blood flush. But then you have a bloody or broken nose and possible black eyes. You cannot see your kidneys and liver working to cleanse each of the constant overloads of food or refined sugars/starches and alcohol, so then to punch your organs with laxatives or enemas is a harsh flushing methodology which is not good in the long run. So maybe a gentler approach would be good – and that approach includes the piezoelectric tapping massage. And, if you keep your internal organs working at their best, they will eliminate the toxins and free-radicals from your body. And that means a clearer and healthier skin. Your skin is one of the contributing organs to eliminating toxins and free-radicals and is the largest of the body’s organs.

Stress Reduction: The piezoelectric tapping exercise is also going to help you release any stress that has collected in your body. Read through the seven steps and you will see that it is a circle – it starts at the center of your forehead, goes down your mouth, then throat, the chest, the hips, and ends at the top of your head. Each tapping step creates a small vibration (micro-vibration) in a particular Chakra and nerve complex of your body. There is another health benefit related to the tapping on the forehead, over the lips and under the lips; these areas have some important muscles, but more importantly are covered with nerves - and tension here makes a person look haggard, tired, and mad. For example, when you look at a person, you look at their eyes and their eyebrows – their forehead. When someone is tense the brow is furrowed – or squinty – and it makes them older.  Some people are tense so much that they have created an almost permanent deep furrow in their brow – some then get botox shots or plastic surgery. And another example, it’s hard to smile with a clinched jaw.  With tension in your jaw, you look like you are mad; but it also causes your mouth to prune and your upper throat to sag – both making you look older.  That micro-vibration is a release mechanism signaling your nerves, muscles and even your mind (JAR) to let any negative energy leave – cleansing you of toxins, free-radicals and stress.  A person that is relaxed and at peace with their life (not the same as having a perfect life or a perfect body) often glows and, therefore, looks younger and feels healthier.


Stand comfortably with your feet separated about 15 inches (shoulder width).

·    Tap your forehead with two fingers of each hand, on both sides of the third-eye area (tap the area the same number of times).  I generally tap five times, but you can pick your own sequence. It works best to use the same number of taps for each area throughout this exercise. 
NOTE: Tapping here creates a small vibration in your third-eye chakra.

·    Second, tap directly under your nose and directly under your bottom lip (with the same number of taps you used above).

NOTE: This area is connected to a major nerve cluster that radiates on both sides of your jaw; so tapping here releases the tension in that area. It also cleanses your tongue and palate.

·    Third, tap the area of your collar bone that has the “U” bend in it. You will be tapping on each side so consider the zeros the areas to tap and U the indentation on your collar bone (“oUo”).  Repeat the same number of taps. 
NOTE: Tapping here creates a small vibration in your throat chakra.

·    Fourth, go to the area just below your breast where your rib-cage is just over your heart – you will be tapping the rib bones on both sides.
NOTE: Tapping here creates a small vibration in your heart chakra.

·    Fifth, go about four inches down to your solar plexus and tap there.
NOTE: Tapping here creates a small vibration in your third chakra or solar plexus chakra.

·    Sixth, you now move down to the hip area of your body – you will be tapping the hip bones on the extreme left and right sides.  Where you want to be tapping, you can feel the hip bone slightly protruding.
NOTE: Tapping the hip bone on both sides simultaneously creates a small vibration in your sacral chakra and base chakra (the second and first chakras, respectively). 

·    Seven, you now go to the top of your head – the crown chakra – and tap there the same number of times. You always end with the crown chakra in the piezoelectric self-stimulation exercise as it integrates all the work you have done with the other areas. 
NOTE: This creates a small vibration in your crown chakra.

Once you have finished, put your list of piezoelectric energized goals on the night stand beside your bed and let your subconscious process each goal and provide you with guidance. The piezoelectric process is sending out signals to the Universal Laws of Abundance and Health.

To obtain your desired goals…
You can also use the piezoelectric tapping exercise to obtain desired goals. Just before you go to bed at night, get a sheet of paper and write down the goal(s) (things you want) that are important to you. It is important to write the goal(s) out to insure the goal(s) stays in your subconscious for any middle of the night answer(s) that come to you. Take my word for it, it does work better than just mentally thinking of the goal(s) you want to create in your life. You will then take each “goal” and go through the following “tapping sequence” for it – that’s right, if you have three goals, you’ll do the exercise three times. Okay, you can do five or seven goals; but if you have five goals, you’ll do the exercise five times – seven goals, you’ll do the exercise seven times, etc.

Example: You have three goals. You write all three goals on a sheet of paper.

You then will take goal number one (1) and proceed with the following seven steps sequence of the piezoelectric tapping exercise…

1.    Center of Forehead – 5 taps or whatever number you want to use throughout the exercise.

2.    Upper Lip – 5 taps and Under Lip – 5 taps

3.    Collar bone – 5 taps on each side in notch

4.    Rib cage indentation area – 5 taps

5.    Solar Plexus area – 5 taps

6.    Right & Left hip bone protrusion – 5 taps on left and 5 taps on right

7.    Top of Head – 5 taps 

The repeated tapping is consistent within a full seven step sequence.

Next you read goal 2 to focus your mind on it. Then you proceed with the full seven step sequence of the piezoelectric tapping exercise as shown above.

Keep in mind that…

Many people block the good things from getting to them; this blockage shows up in two areas (1) their auras and (2) their piezoelectric balance – the work you are doing to change your piezoelectric energy announces to the Universe, the world and other people that you are a balanced individual. And, that you know how to love yourself, deal with stress; and how to share the wealth and resources of the universe.


You possess all the resources (energy) you need to manifest, realize, and get what you want in life. The piezoelectric tapping exercise is a self-help massage tool that you can use:

·   To improve your overall health by systematically balancing your piezoelectric system;

·   To look younger and feel better;

·   To focus your energy into whatever goal or objective you desire to accomplish on a personal level; or

·   To focus your energy into a sense of purpose for career enhancement.

You will be taking conscious control of creating results in your life. You’re already creating everything in your life, but you’re doing it unconsciously, and the results may be random or chaotic. It is time that you take control/responsibility in your life to make sure you get more of what you want and attract less of what you don’t want. You will be focusing the resources you already have within you to manifest, realize, or get what you want.
                      You don’t have to go elsewhere – it’s all within you!

The piezoelectric system is distributed throughout the human body. It is somewhat like asking where is the "mind?" The mind cannot be found in an autopsy and is greater than the "brain." In many ways the piezoelectric system corresponds to acupuncture meridians. You can do an intervention (change the energy flow) of the piezoelectric system with acupuncture - but you can also change the flow with "tapping points" or the Healing Code points as presented by Dr. Alex Loyd. Dr. Loyd uses the term "cellular memories." Dr. Ida Rolf's system can also be used; he referred to the problems in the body as being found in muscle memory.
An interesting thing to me is the expansion of our knowledge based on MRIs and functional MRIs; but the fact is science and medicine are still a long way from clarifying your question about where these systems are and, obviously, which one of these approaches is the answer to the human condition.
Richard C. Parker, D.Psy

Goal Setting Exercise...



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