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posted by on February 23rd, 2010 at 7:18 AM


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Have you heard yourself say anything like this and you just don’t know why loved ones or friends just don’t understand? I am depressed, I cannot do the laundry. I am depressed, I cannot go to work today. I am depressed, I cannot do my homework. I am depressed, I cannot babysit little sister tonight; so mom you have to stay home or hire someone. I am tired and too depressed to cook a healthy meal, so we will just order pizza. I do love you, but I ache all over and I feel so tired and depressed that I can’t even think of making love to you. I just don’t feel like going on vacation in the Bahamas because I’m so tired and I ache all over and just feel sort of depressed all the time; I just want to stay home on my recliner.

Caveat:  There are people, who are legitimately evaluated as clinically depressed, i.e., they may have chemical or health problems, etc.  This posting is speaking to those of us who are depressed because we are procrastinating, or ignoring, or running away from our responsibilities. 





Depression is an overused and misused excuse for today’s individuals who are unaware of or are finding it hard to accept that their feelings and emotions are indicative of the fact that the world is changing dramatically and at an accelerated pace; and we are desperately trying to avoid changing with it.  This form of depression is affecting people all around the planet today. Why even children, very young children, are being prescribed anti-depressants.  Children, of course, mimic grown-ups.  What kind of example are we giving them?  


It is really easy to feel uncomfortable, tired, or sad, even hopeless, and tell yourself that you are depressed; thus giving yourself permission to withdraw.  When, in fact, it is the time that you must step up and accept the dramatic changes in our family life, our economy, our very viewpoint on financial security, our old ways of long-term job-security, our environmental impact, etc. as your God given opportunity. 


But, you say it does not feel like a God Given Opportunity…

If you temporarily use your powerful imagination and refocus your thinking and accept that it is a Gift from God; let me transform your mental program with a story, more specifically a metaphor. There are some people who are into exercising in a gym or you may have seen someone who looks like a weight lifter or football player that you recognize as someone who works out with heavy weights. You might have seen one of the Rocky movies or some other movie where the star worked out with weights. Some of these individuals will follow a routine in which he/she uses extremely heavy sets of weights; the weights are so heavy that they actually rip the fibers of the muscles (yes, rip, like micro-rips where the individual goes beyond normal use of the particular set of muscles). This is where the term, “No pain, no gain,” comes from; as these micro-rips do hurt.  The individual will then not workout these muscles for a couple of days; during which time, the muscles heal. Because these muscles were ripped, as they heal, they become bigger and stronger.  This can be related in another way, e.g., people who have experienced adverse job lay-offs often come out with stronger career goals; they get ripped from their old career which is very painful (psychologically and emotionally), but the ones that move on and do whatever is necessary to improve their opportunities are generally stronger afterward. Another example, everyone who has had a first love breakup in their early years generally developed stronger relationship skills when it came time for a significant love. So now the question is, how do you recognize a current crisis or a series of problems that have created a state of personal depression into your God given opportunity?


Your God Given Opportunity!

Your God given opportunity is the gift of responsibility…If you are now reading this posting, you should be aware that God answers all your questions and prayers.  Every time you ask God, “what is going on in my world today?”  You get an answer.  God is working through you, me, everyone and everything.  When we ask questions or make requests, we are often given the answer through “the gift of responsibility.”   If you are hungry, it is your responsibility to find food and eat.  If you are cold, it is your responsibility to dress warmly.  God provides the nutrients in the soil, the rain, the sunlight, the seeds for growing food, fruit on the vine, meat, etc., for making food; God provides cotton, silk, wool, leather, metals, etc., for making clothing; but you must take responsibility to reach for it; e.g., you may have to work for it or walk a few miles to get it.  If you desire answers to your questions and prayers, you must be the channel for those answers to manifest.  Sometimes, you will get these answers through spontaneous moments; but most times, you will need to take some action to realize/manifest your answers or results.  


If you pray to God to be healthy and you just sit there feeling unhealthy, you will not get healthy.  Oddly enough, just sitting around on the couch will cause you to experience greater fatigue and body aches which can bring about depression. Inactivity is the norm for depression and along with feeling down, you will start telling everyone you are depressed because you just do not feel good. Scientific research has found that the verbalization (telling others) of your aches, pains, and depression intensifies these symptoms. 

Ignoring our responsibility usually conjures up guilt, because most of us would rather be on the couch watching TV, or having a snack, or taking a little nap, or reading a book; so we tell people we are just too fatigued and need some down-time.  When, in fact, if we just got up and did 30 to 45 minutes of exercise and took time to prepare a healthy meal, spend time with loved ones – playing with kids or holding hands with your lover; or went outside and created a garden, or took up some other healthy activity; including studying something educational for one-hour each week; we would probably still have time left to watch TV and tinker with our cars, or take a nap, etc.  (Procrastination is over-rated!)  We love to give our problems and responsibilities to someone else even if we have to pay a hefty price for it.  We “just want to have fun!”   An interesting fact is that at the end of life (upon their death bed) very few people have listed their 25 favorite television shows as the most important events in their lives.


So if you pray to be healthy and you move a little, watch what you eat, become health conscious (in other words, take responsibility), you will become healthier and in time you will manifest improved health.    Surprisingly, there are added benefits; it has been found that a person and a family that spends more time exercising and interacting with others (talking, playing games, going on short and long trips, vacations, etc.) feels better and also has better relationships.


For those of you who are parents or bosses or leaders of people…if your children or employees or people are hungry and you always “just” feed them, what happens when you are not around?  You must teach them how to manifest their own food or they will perish when you are not there to feed them.  I believe that God’s goal is that you learn to answer your own prayers.  God has given you the gift of “free will” and a wonderful ability to create what you need.  Your only requirements are to recognize this free will and creative ability and then take responsibility for yourself, your life, your ups and downs, your accomplishments, as well as mistakes, and for your creations. 


Life on this planet requires us to eat, sleep, etc., and have fun.   Most of the time when we pray to God to provide us with our needs, it is a sure sign that we have not taken responsibility for ourselves.  What happens when we pray to God is that God just gives it right back to us and says, “here is your answer…’You must take responsibility!’” 


Responsibility is power!

When we take responsibility for ourselves and for our lives, we become conscious of our power.   Power comes from within and ripples out into our earthly realities.   Being powerful or powerless is an interpretation, then a realization, and, ultimately, an acceptance.  Your interpretation defines whether you have recognized your God-given power or you are refusing to accept your power.  Your acceptance of this power means that you have recognized it and taken responsibility for it.  When you recognize and take responsibility for your power, you then become conscious of how quickly you can create good things in your life.  Up to the moment of this recognition, you were (as most are) aware mostly of the uncomfortable stuff or the stuff you are lacking in your life – not aware that you have the free will and creative ability to change itWhat have you done to take care of yourself today?  Only you can answer this question.


Back to the changes in our world today…

Ok, so how does all of this relate to the changes in our world today?  Well, the most profound reason for our depression is our reluctance to recognize and/or take responsibility.  Those of you reading this posting have knowledge about responsibility and have already to some degree decided to take and/or have taken responsibility for yourself and your life.   The knowledge that you possess about responsibility and the experiences you have had because you have accepted responsibility are contributing to your jar (unconscious), but also to the collective jar (collective unconscious).   


Our own beliefs and the beliefs of all others in this world are being challenged today.  Old beliefs are not working any longer -- Ask someone who believed that if they went to school for a trade and found a job that they would have that job until they retired; and now find themselves having to learn and work in a completely different field or are unemployed.   Or ask someone who used to believe that if they worked for a company with a retirement fund that they would have that retirement fund when they retired.  Or ask someone if they ever worried that someday there may not be clean water to drink or clean air to breathe or that they would have to take their shoes and socks off to get on an airplane.  The fact is that the world has changed and continues to change; but, more importantly, it is changing at an accelerated pace.  People feel helpless, insecure, and afraid.  These feelings can result in depression and often paranoia.  


We pray to God for help; we wait for answers; we wait for extraterrestrials to come save us; we wait for the second coming; we become suspicious of people who are different from ourselves; and we get depressed.   This emotional roller-coaster ride seems like a good excuse for giving up and just accepting depression; however, the personal and the collective unconscious seem to be rebellious and push us ever harder to see clearly the big picture.


Responsibility = Power

So, wake up from your sleep state and accept your power!  Your power to challenge your beliefs, learn their lessons, and bless and release the ones that no longer serve you.  Be open to new ideas/new opportunities/new ways to view others and the world; and see the world as a canvas and yourself as the artist; then, through love and forgiveness, trust, and ultimately knowingness, paint the world in beautiful colors.  The new world focus should not be about power/control/money; it should be about recognizing that we are all one creation, working together and living a symbiotic relationship with all that comprises God’s creation; knowing that what we do to and for ourselves and everyone/everything, we do simultaneously to God.  Isn’t it about time, we treat God with the respect we are searching to find and bestow upon ourselves?  


Now, let's continue...

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