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▣ What is truth?

posted by on November 15th, 2009 at 2:46 PM


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What is the truth?

This is one of those trick questions because we all think we know what truth is.  BUT, in fact, we only know what we believe is truth in our book of rules.  Oh no, she’s going back to my jar!!!  As a matter of fact, I am going back to your jar.  This is where your understanding and/or should I say your perception of what is truth resides.   Some examples of perceptions/misconceptions of truth…

Say, you wake up on Friday morning, happy that it is Friday and looking forward to a couple of days off work.  Feeling good, you invite your significant other to be ready and after work, you two will go to dinner, and then to a movie.  Then, off to work you go; you have a terribly rough day, e.g., you forgot about an important meeting and so you missed it, your secretary spilled her coffee all over the report she was putting together for you to deliver to your customer and it all had to be redone and you had no extra time, and so on and so on; you get the picture.  Finally, 6pm comes around and you have had it.  You just want to go home, grab a beer out of the refrigerator (or a pint of ice cream out of the freezer) and forget about your day.  HOWEVER, when you open the front door to your house, you find your significant other all dressed up and still excited about going to dinner, etc.   Suddenly, you realize that what was truth to you this morning (you remember, feeling good, making a date with your significant other) was not your truth this evening. 


OK, you would think that this ends here, right?  Oh, no, it doesn’t.  Now, you decide you just do not have the energy to go out.  You inform your significant other that you are too tired to go.  Now, wait for it, this is good.  Your significant other reacts, that is, takes it all very personally and accepts that it must be something about him/her – you know, you don’t like the way he/she looks or is dressed (it could be any number of self esteem issues, like, if I were prettier/skinnier/smarter, this would not happen to me [you know their definition of truth about themselves]); or better yet, your significant other thinks that you were just playing him/her along so that you looked like a nice guy this morning.  Your significant other’s jar comes into play and all the times in their jar when they were disappointed come right up to their memory.  I could go on and on, but, again, you get the picture.


As a result, what started out as your truth on Friday morning transforms into a rough Friday, a very tough weekend because you and your significant other are not speaking to each other, and a not very energizing couple of days off.   The one good thing from all of this is that you look forward to going to work on Monday!


This is a long example, may be, but I wanted to drive home the point that how our jar’s definition(s) of truth can devolve into a confrontation with the contents of someone else’s jar even though we definitely started out with the best of intentions.


Another example of truth could very well be illustrated through science and medicine.  Just when scientists have an answer or a theory, someone discovers a new detail and the answer/theory (truth) changes to meet the new criteria.  How many times has the medical field told you not to eat/drink some food and then years later told you that same food/drink had newly discovered benefits to health? 


Why today, scientists are even talking about parallel universes.  Who would have thought?


Ok, I will get to my point.  My point is that YOU make truth.   Become responsible for what comes out of mouth.  If you invite your significant other to dinner and a movie, remember the invitation and find the energy to follow through; if you tell your children that they can do/have something or that you will be there for them, then make it happen.  If you volunteer for something, show up.  YOU BE THE TRUTH YOU ARE SEARCHING FOR!  Be impeccable with your word.  If you think there is a chance that you cannot/will not follow through, then do not commit to it.   This goes for telling yourself that you are going to start a diet tomorrow or stop drinking tomorrow, or visit your parents next week.  Be impeccable with your word to yourself too -- follow through!  Before you make a statement that puts an action in motion, think; then, if you make the statement, follow through.  Make truth a part of your reality that you and your loved ones can count on.  You would be shocked if you knew how much energy it costs you when you do not follow through on your statements/promises; and you would be surprised if you realized that if you set out to finish those things you have put in motion, you will have enough energy to follow through.


Know what is in your jar!

Truth is like the weather, based on our knowledge about weather, we can kind of predict the weather.  Based on our knowledge about ourselves and those around us, we can kind of predict when someone is telling us truth, that is, something we can be sure of.  I know that in the morning when my significant other offers me a date at the end of the day that there is more than a 50’% chance he will forget or be too tired to follow through, so I have learned (through disappointment[s]) that I should not invest too much of my energy in the outcome, or I will say that I would rather not make a commitment so that I can maintain my energy and I do not have to worry about being ready for the evening and the evening not happen.   


Then there are those people who never follow through, but still put out the invitations to us.   I call these folks energy vampires.  It is a way in which he/she sets you up to get all excited and then when he/she comes home and has no clue why you are dressed and then tells you he/she cannot/will not go out; your energy has been stolen.  He/she walks away refreshed and you end up exhausted.  Next time, this happens, tell him/her that you are going out by yourself and then go.  It may seem strange or feel as if you are being disloyal at first, but you will get used to it and you will keep your energy.  You may even see that in the future, he/she will start going out with you.   The truth is that when this kind of behavior is repetitive and predictable, they have your energy the minute he/she says, “by the way honey, let’s go to dinner after work tonight.”  You immediately react, they get your energy and have a great day, while you go about your day without energy to get things done.


I must put a caveat here and that is that I am speaking about the normal everyday people who are living unconsciously or semiconsciously within their jars.  I know that there are people out there who are challenged with mental conditions, alcohol and drug addictions, spousal/children abusers, and the like.  These kinds of individuals do not qualify in this paper.  They have special conditions that make them unpredictable and often times very dangerous.  If you are one of these individuals or are in these kinds of relationships, get some help/counseling.  You have such a great universe here, both on the outside and within.  Get in touch with the true you.


Ok, is there really any absolute truth that does not change in the Universe?

Of course, there is.  There are many laws that govern our universe.  Let’s cover some of them here for you.


Law of Cause and Effect.  The Law of Cause and Effect says that what you sow so shall you reap!  In other words, all of your thoughts, words, and actions create an effect, and I might add here that the degree of this effect is proportional/relative to the energy you attach to your thoughts, words, and deeds.  In other words, what you put out is returned to you – this is a truth you cannot escape.   For example, if you think you are poor, you will attract all sorts of experiences/people to you who will keep you poor; i.e., bills to pay, people who will deplete you of money or energy.


Now that you have some idea of what you are putting out, e.g., being poor, stop and plan a conscious course of action.  We will stick with being poor as an example; you think you are poor because you have a low paying job, a big credit card debit ($5,888.00), only an eleventh grade education, and your only friends hang out at the local bar and play drinking games.  Well, don't try to change everything at once - take one or two things to change and that can leverage your life into a better place.  This is the hard part - as an example, first, sign up for a GED (12th grade equivalent test).  After that, sign up for a college course at the local community college; and as part of this effort, cut back on your trips to the local bar and your drinking.  That's it for the time being; this is the leverage to get you out of being stuck in the “poor me” situation and on the road to prosperity.  (Note: I recommend a community college for several reasons in this example, because (1) obviously it is educational; (2) it means you will be meeting people who are interested in improving their lives; (3) there are a lot students of all ages; and (4) if you are poor, you can apply for financial assistance.)  What are you putting out?  What are your planned leverage actions?  


Law of Attraction.   This law provides that you will attract to you those things that you think about, those things that reflect the beliefs/images you hold of yourself in your jar, and the energies of those things that you have set into motion.  Just as your thoughts, words, and deeds create an effect (Law of Cause and Effect), these effects go out and bring back to you that which you have created by your thoughts, words, deeds, and the contents of your jar.   Again, if you dwell on being poor, you will continue to attract situations/people who will make/keep you poor.


Law of Reflection.  The Law of Reflection says that everyone in your life and everything that you experience is a reflection of you to you.  All of the laws we are discussing are important, but accepting the Law of Reflection can be very challenging because most of us cannot accept the notion that the person who causes us trouble or makes us feel bad about ourselves could actually be “me/myself!”  You know how you could have an illness inside your body or mind, but because you are not consciously aware of it or you cannot see it, the “dis”ease just continues its course; until one day, you break out in some horrible rash or you start throwing up.  Well, this rash or throw up is the external physical manifestation of what is going on inside your body.  Well, in a similar vein, your worst enemy (as well as your best friend) are outward physical manifestations of what is going on in your jar, in your thoughts, your deeds, and your words.   For example, your jar says that you are not smart; well, you can be sure that you will attract to you someone who is extremely smart and makes you feel envious/inferior/or really dumb.   Should you be angry at this person or should you examine your belief about how smart you are?  Or getting back to feeling/believing you are poor; you will assuredly attract someone to you who is wealthy and has everything they need; so again, you get to feel envious and depressed, or you can find that you really dislike this person because they are wealthy and so you do not even get to know him/her; OR you may try to befriend him/her in the hope that you can share in the wealth only to find out that as friends, this person is really cheap and lets you pay for everything.


You will find that the Law of Cause and Effect, Law of Attraction, and Law of Reflection work hand-in-hand with each other; i.e., that which you put into action (Cause and Effect) brings it to you (Attraction), and then puts it right in your face (Reflection).  Truth – absolutely!  Truth that does not change!   Solution - we always come back to you getting to know you!  Know what is in your jar and stay in present time/present consciousness; being aware of what is going on in your thoughts, what it is you are contributing to your life, and knowing that everyone and everything is a reflection of you, your beliefs/thoughts/words/deeds!



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